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By suakatribe on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


A Monday night gig is always a risky proposition, because even in New York a lot of people have to wake up for work on Tuesday morning. But how could we say no to a fellow metal band setting out to tour the East Coast for the first time? So we rallied the troops and invaded The Charleston for a night of musical insanity.

The Charleston is located in the hipster epicenter of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and they are perhaps best known for the free pizzas they dole out with every drink purchase. The venue is in the basement, and I mean BASEMENT: no stage, no backline, and no second bar downstairs. It’s kind of like playing at someone’s house, but with really good sound. I approve. ;)

First up were de omega, who play a heavy brand of vocal-free psychedelic rock. This is a style of music that’s actually pretty hard to pull off, but they do it…and how! Don’t be surprised if you see these guys sharing the stage with Suaka again in the not-too-distant future.

Suaka played second, and rocked the crowd in that special way they do.

Empyrean were the real reason this show happened at all. They are a serious metal band from Orlando who have been playing all over Florida for the past few years. This show was more or less the midpoint of their first East Coast tour, and so far so good…although they had apparently been forced to eat their bass player in a moment of desperation early on. The tragic loss did not prevent them from playing a solid set of solid metal music. Check out them out on myspace for more tour highlights and photos.

We finished out the night with Jolly, who are quite good and somewhat reminiscent of certain phases of Faith No More, and Stark, who displayed an unbelievable amount of rock-n-roll energy and attitude at two o’clock on Tuesday morning.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it an awesome Monday night. See you when the album is done. peace.


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