Bandung Rock City

By suakatribe on Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out to Fame Station in Bandung Saturday night for Suaka’s tribal thrash tribute to Sundanese culture, and extra special thanks to kendang player Kang Ayip, DJ VladVamp and everyone else who helped make this show happen.

backstage in bandung

 kang ayip ti sanggar seni pamangiseup dan rully roots rocka

suaka live at fame station bandung

backstage in bandung

(photos courtesy of Abah ‘Desecrator’ Supriyanto)

More photos etc on FB. See you in Bali on 22 Februari, if not before!



I send this mail, because I’m lookingfor shows / concerts / festivals
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music on :

> Ophelie for cenobites


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