Blazing Metal on a Cold Winter Day

By suakatribe on Thursday, December 11th, 2008

What’s up guys!

As soon as I heard that In Flames and Gojira had teamed up for their North American tour I was too excited. Tonight I was accompanied by my bandmates Kiki and Gun. At the last minute my good friends Pram and Leslie decided to come to the show too.

First act was a band from Alaska, 36 Crazyfists. I thought they were pretty good even though honestly I’m not really a fan of the band. Their style is metalcore with twist of emo core. The crowd reacted wildly when the singer asked the moshers to mosh from side to side, which reminded me of Lamb of God during the song “Black Label.”

Next up: Gojira, hailing from Bayonne in southwest France. They tore up the the stage with “Oroborus,” a new track from their new album The Way of All Flesh, followed by “Backbones” … then the feel good metal track “Flying Whales” made everyone jump up and down. To be honest, guys, I didn’t even remember what song they closed their set with! Had a bunch of drinks, thank God i made it through the crazy mosh pit.

In Flames was the main band that rocked the show that night, another great band from Sweden. Killer new tracks from A Sense of Purpose like “Disconnected.” Older stuff seemed to please the fans, I overheard one fan who disliked the new album entirely.

Well dude, it’s not so easy to make an album.

Anyway, I brought Suaka’s cd sampler to give away and got rid of a bunch. I ran into this group of people who are really cool, hopefully they will come to our next show!

Peace, guys.

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