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By suakatribe on Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Hello guys, I am glad that spring is around the corner :)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for coming to the show on March 6. It was good to play in front of a new crowd, and they seemed to enjoy our music. There were some great bands playing that night, like solid metal core band Cristalix, and Same Four Walls who headlined the show – hope to see you guys soon.

Anyway, I am currently playing guitar for a band called Jirapah, whose singer/guitarist Ken Jie and bass player Mariati are my good friends. They have already booked 3 shows in March and April: March 11 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, March 20th at Lit Lounge, and April 4th at Delancey Bar in Manhattan. Please come and support the band.

Back to Suaka: we are really looking foward to playing a show on March 27th, when we get to share the stage with the band Firesign featuring former EZO singer Masaki, who also joined Loudness after American singer Mike Vescera left. Currently Masaki is playing bass and singing back up for Firesign along with hard rock hellion Aya on lead vocals, Butch from BPJ on guitar, and New York’s hardest-working drummer Daisuke Nagashima. Special thanks to Masaki and Aya for coming to our show last weekend!

Right after this show Suaka will begin recording our upcoming album, tentatively titled UNIFY. We will play a few of the new tracks at the show, such as “Corporatocracy,” “Guide Me Through,” “Self Revolution,” and “Treasure,” which is dedicated to Robin Hutagaol.

Recently we have been working on a new song called “Era Baru,” which is inspired by the democratic election that will take place in Indonesia in April. We are hoping our new leader will focus on poverty, education, the enviroment, eliminating corruption, creating new jobs…I urge all Indonesian citizens to vote for the right candidates.

Dari rakyat untuk rakyat! Unify to face the new challenges in the future.

Peace and love.


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