It’s only a week into March, and this month has already been insane

By suakatribe on Friday, March 12th, 2010

We kicked things off with a road trip to Philadelphia for a spectacular performance from British rockers Muse. Our first stop was Indonesia Store in South Philly for dinner. The staff were really friendly, and it was almost like being back in Indonesia. From there we headed over to the Wachovia Center for the main event, where we arrived uncharacteristically early only to find that My Morning Jacket would not be opening. The actual openers, Silversun Pickups, were okay but not exciting – but no worries, because Muse hit the stage soon enough and we were transported to visual and aural heaven for a couple of hours. The pictures will tell the story way better than I possibly can, but let’s just say that very few bands these days put on this kind of proper rock show.

Back on our home turf, we attended a thrash metal extravaganza with legends Voivod and Kreator. I don’t know what kind of show starts at 6pm on a Saturday night in New York City, but apologies to Lazarus A.D. for missing their opening set. British thrashers Evile were on stage when we arrived. The singer was far more goofy and charming than one might expect for a band with song titles like “Bathe In Blood” that has been compared to Slayer, and the band was solid. Chicago’s Nachtmystium were up next. Their sound is more on the stoner end of things, with clear Sabbath, Floyd, and black metal influences. The first song they played was a little slow and ponderous for my taste, but once they sped things up a little and hit a groove they turned out to be quite good.

Voivod need no introduction, and they were a sheer delight. They seemed genuinely happy to be on stage reveling in the love from the crowd – drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin had a huge smile on his face for much of their set – and they sounded amazing. They played a bunch of favorites like “Missing Sequences” and “Tribal Convictions,” and closed with their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” dedicated to late guitarist Denis ‘Piggy’ D’Amour.

Kreator were awesome. It took me back to 1989 when i bought their succesful album Extreme Aggression on the cassette :) This tour is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band. After surviving their experimentation era in the early 90’s that’s clearly shown in albums like Renewal, Endorama, and Outcast, which made all the old fans consider the band as sell outs, Kreator returned with the album Violent Revolution in 2001 with new lead guitar player Sami Yli-Sirniö and bassist Christian Giesler and at last but not least the co founder Ventor on the drums.

Tonite’s show was really amazing, not only playing new tracks from the last two album Enemy of God and Hordes of Chaos they pleased the old school fans by playing “Flag of Hate,” “Tormentor,” “Endless Pain,” etc.
And in result the big mosh pit broke out, can’t help it but joining that big circle :) which you can see in the pictures.

And the highlight was meeting Denis ‘Snake’ Belanger of Voivod – that made this tour like reunion for both bands that previously toured together in the past – after the show, and handed him my band’s cd which to me is priceless. Hope you re going to call us :)

Now, it’s time to focus on Suaka again because we have a lot planned for the spring. Thank you guys for reading, and see you around.


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