By suakatribe on Monday, August 4th, 2008

The Tap Bar at the Knitting Factory has become one of my favorite spots for live music these days. The sound is good, the staff (including the bartender, ha ha) is professional, and the space is relaxed and intimate. It was the perfect place for last week’s Metal to the Pedal show, brought to you by Sapporo Beer and the always-reliable Karate Rice crew.

Object ( started things off solidly; he plays guitar and sings, she plays drums, and even with no bass player it works really really well. Superfortress ( took the stage next – white leather jacket, matching headless guitar (looked like a Cort, but what do I know?), 80’s inspired keyboards (complete with aviator helmet), and vocals dripping honey like the guy from L’arc en Ciel.

We then took a break for DJ Kuma, who did not have pedals or play metal, but who seemed to be having a fabulous time nonetheless.

Sparky Quano (, on the other hand, brought enough pedals for everyone and then some. He is a truly out-of-this-world guitar player who creates an unbelievably huge and psychedelic sound without the assistance of a rhythm section or anyone else.

Suaka ended the evening on a high note, sounding better and more confident than I’ve heard them in awhile. I hope the momentum carries through into the studio later this year, in the meantime I can’t wait for the next show.

Props to everyone who came out on a Wednesday night, see you next time. peace.




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