Pre Production Going!

By suakatribe on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

I am pleased to report that preproduction work has begun on the new album, with the esteemed Cipta G Moehammad at the controls.

Productive recording sessions this weekend and last have already yielded some rather choice musical treats. The goal right now is to capture as many of the ideas as possible that come naturally out of the complex interplay among the members of the band as the new tracks take shape; at least one of the new ones is already arranged. The classic rock influence is a bit more pronounced this time around, and the songs so far definitely possess that unmistakable Suaka sound.

Even the earliest demos sound rich and full in a way that holds a lot of potential for the finished tracks. The mood in the studio seems pretty relaxed, though it’s clear that everyone has high hopes for this album. Here’s to keeping the momentum rolling. peace.


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