Report from Brooklyn Lyceum Show

By suakatribe on Thursday, June 26th, 2008

This show we just did, such a reunion for Gun and James from Black Down. Having previously played together while back in long Island, at the time Gun  was in the band called Akward Beeker, once again we would like to thank you James and Black Dawn for getting us the show.

The Brooklyn Lyceum is an interesting space though a bit challenging because it’s basically a big open roof ceilings, lots of hard surfaces for sound to bounce around on, and no actual stage. Probably ideal for performance.

First up was Kiyomi, a keyboard player and singer with an amazing voice, and her backup band. She sang several original songs including a Lullaby written for her nephews plus a Leonard Cohen cover. They also did an instrumental piece that featured some very nice guitar work.

Second was Aquila, two chicks (one on bass, one on drums) who were doing their second show of the day, having played earlier at the Punk Island extravaganza on Governor’s Island. Their music displayed a strong metal influence and they quite thoroughly rocked despite technical difficulties.

Next was Damsel, another all female band with a melodic groove.

Black Dawn played fourth, four seriously solid players with a grungy, hardcore-edged metal sound that I personally enjoyed quite a bit as did pretty much everyone in the house.

The showstopper was Cocaine. They’re a band! Really!! Classic 80’s style rock, they are fronted by a sexy blonde chick with a British accent, a problem with socialism, and a bag of mysterious white powder that somehow ended up all over the stage, leaving the crowd on their feet and begging for more.

It would have been a tough act for even the Rolling Stones to follow, but Suaka pulled it off. The guys took the opportunity to try out some new material as well as old favorites like “Vision of Tomorrow” and “Budaya.” This was only Daisuke’s second show with the band, but he is sounding good on the drums and bringing a little new flavor to the sound.  Next show is July 23 at the Knitting Factory Old Office with Sparky Quano; hope to see you there.

The Lyceum gig was taped for Video City TV, which airs Sundays at 1:30am on channel 68 in the Bronx, Wednesdays at 12:30am on channels 35/68 in Brooklyn, and Saturdays at 3:30pm on channel 34 in Manhattan, or online at Check it out for exclusive interviews with the bands and live clips from the show.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, see you next time. peace.

Reported by kat


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