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By suakatribe on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Dear all,

I really had a blast at the C U La Tour concert, gotta be the most anticipated show this year since Al Jourgensen of Ministry announced that this would be his very last world tour. I told my good friend Kat, let’s go to see it …then i found out Meshuggah the special guest for this tour! I was like yeaaayy…!

The wait is finally over . let’s capture what’s been going on.

Tonight’s opener is hemlock, originally from Las Vegas. Their performance was really solid tonight, reminding me of System of a down or Mudvayne. I came up to the booth to purchase their latest cd No More Sorrow and talked to their bass player/singer Chad for a little while, he complimented my Death Angel shirt ;).

Next up: Meshuggah.

Some notes: I did not even realize that they were playing 8 string guitar ever since they released the Nothing LP in 2001. The guitar in particular was originally made by local (to them) Swedish guitar maker Nevborn, although previously they had used an Ibanez 7 string on the Chaosphere album. Later after releasing Catch 33 in 2005 (which i feel is their most abstract album with less of a human feel especially because Tomas Haake was not involved on the arrangement of the drums) they were not doing so well on the sales. But to be honest i still have huge respect for them.

Then they linked the deal with Ibanez and soon after that the 8 string ibanez was released. I finally got my hands on it in early 2008 which I will use on our upcoming Suaka EP.

Now the performance. Meshuggah really gave a sonic attack metal riff of a performance, blowing out the power on stage halfway through the first song! Complex syncopation on drums and yet monstrous guitars riffs by Fredrik Thordendal & Marten Hagstrom accompanied by new bass player Dick Lövgren and the growling vocals of Jens Kidman. The pit opened wider with songs from their most anticipated album Obzen. The band literally attacked the audience with songs like ”Bleed,” “Electric Red,” and “Pravus.” Then they played my favorite songs off their nothing album: ”Rational Gaze,” “Perpetual Black Second” …and their classic “Future Breed Machine.”

Their show tonight reminded me of Sepultura’s Chaos AD Tour, and Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power.

Finally. Ministry came on that night with power, starting off with a hypnotic long intro. Chain-link fences were set up in front of the stage creating an industrial and urban atmosphere… Damn. What a rocking moment! Video screens in the back of the stage were playing footage of global chaos, war and violence. Al had his trademark mic stand made of skulls and bones. This has to be their strongest formation yet with the legendary Tommy Victor (guitar), Sin Quirin (guitar), Tony Campo of possessed and Static X (bass), Rhys Fulber of Fear Factory (keyboards), and Aaron Rossi of Prong (drums).

They offered up songs from their latest album The Last Sucker and the Grammy-nominated Rio Grande Blood including “Last Sucker” and “Let’s Go” which Al co-wrote with Tommy Victor. The pit got even crazier when Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory joined the band for an encore, playing the classics like “Thieves,” “Burning Inside,” and “Just One Fix.” There were no “Stigmata” or “Supernaut”… but that’s okay.

They made up for it in other ways, including “N.W.O.” and “So What.” Finally they ended the show with a second encore of cover songs from the doors ”Road House Blues” and the Stones ”Under my Thumb”.

Adios amigos – thanx for such great show …

– Rully Roots Rochmat (and Kat) –


You make me jealous dude.


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