Report from In Thrash We Trust Tour

By suakatribe on Friday, June 13th, 2008

Dear old schooler :0)

I remember when i first got into Thrash Metal. Death Angel second LP Frolic Through the Park was one the album that got me into guitar playing ! I was sad to find out that they broke up in late 90’s when they got into accident while touring for their 3rd album Act 3.

Thanx to Chuck Billy (Testament) for putting together Thrash of the Titans Show back in 2001 which allowed band like Vio-lence, Death Angel, Sadus, Exodus, Heathen etc to re live the legacy of thrash metal (great show!!).

Now to the show. Tonight show is the end of In Thrash We Trust Tour run featuring God forbid. Due to some problem, Light the City and Soilent Green were replaced by Martryd & Arsis. Anyway, the show was really amazing. It brings me back to the Thrash era (what a nostalgic moment). This tour is Death Angel’s first North American tour in 18 years.

Delivering classic tracks like Evil Priest, Voracious Souls, Seemingly Endless Time, Disturbing the Peace along with new tracks from the new album Killing Seasons, Death Angel has shown new schooler how tight their musicianship is.

Andy Galeon skillful drumming, Rob Cavestany ripping guitar solo, Dennis Pepa funky bass sound, accompany by Ted Aguilar on rhythm guitar and energetic front man Mark Osegueda. They surely delivered the show. This has to be one of my memorable one, thank you guys for lifetime inspiration.


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