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By suakatribe on Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Dear friends,

Show last night was fun. Good to see familiar faces, once again we have to give new drummer Daisuke drops because he learnt our songs in 2 weeks and with 3 times rehearsal. Starting things off with music plays by DJ Mar Galo playing all kind of music from Indonesian to Western music. After that, Juna takes on the stage. Honestly i am impressed how well written their music is infusing pop and rock with Kenny’s soothing vocals. Kenny is known for helping Ras Muhammad recorded his early demo. Overall the crowd were really into them. The highlight was when Mar Galo joined Juna on one of their set.

Dream of Digital Generation debut performance that night was offering tracks from upcoming independent LP. They seem to be very confident. My good friend Onggo pulled his project together along with girl’s singer keyboardist. And the back up band makes their performance solid and leaves the crowds happy.
Wish you guys luck with your first LP.

So. We finally took the stage. Most of the people are happy to see us play again it has been a year and half since we performed in front of indo crowd!! We start things off with our intro goes straight to World on Your Shoulder. It makes the crowd get warmed up and moshpit broke out. Haven’t seen those pit in a while and soon after, Noda Kelam was played. This song was inspired by Indonesian ghetto kids roaming the street of major city of Indonesia (wish the goverment taking this matter seriously!).

Well, it’s time for us to bring back Indonesian beat by playing our anthem Budaya… It always give a chill when we play that song specially when the crowd react to the song, dance with them, and the sound of gendang blends with heavy ass riff. Now that’s the highlight of the show for us…

The next song Saksi Bisu is dedicated to our heroes who died in tragedy 98 Jakarta – Indonesia, along who died defending our country since the colonial time… Then we ended the set with soothing new song Awaiting and Vision of Tommorow when i started moshing with the crowds didn’t even realize when i fell down then got back into it :). We had really a good time playing and can’t wait to play again!

Special thanx to Mariati and Hayden at, Permias NYC, JC Kaelin and Kat Valdez for documentation.

Below some video documentations, shot and uploaded to YouTube by JC Kaelin from Earth Station.

Vision of Tomorrow


Noda Kelam

Saksi Bisu

The World is on Your Shoulder


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