Report from The Studio

By suakatribe on Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that we have begun recording the drum tracks. Thursday night was the first day, and I’d have to say it went pretty smooth after learning how to play congas for so long. We did a few tries on each song and kept the good ones :)

Ever since my first recording experience, I’ve always loved to record with the whole band rather than doing it with just a drummer and the guitar player…it gives us more of that live experience, although of course we have to play to a tempo map that Gun made before the process began.

This time we decided to work with John Meredith in studio in  Mollusk Studios in Brooklyn. The vibe is good, it makes us feel like we are recording at home :) We managed to stay right on schedule without rushing, and finished up the drums by Saturday night.

Back to our musical direction: having Cipta Gun and Daisuke on board really adds so much flavor and yet we still keep the heaviness of Suaka. We are incorporating groove, feel good melodies, and all those rocking riffs. There’s one song called “Era Baru” (“new era”) that uses an indigenous melody from Padang (West Sumatra) – ding ding ba ding ding  :) – on the choruses. The rest is just various killer riffs cooked up all in one song…

Before I go I just want to say we miss you Robin Hutagaol dearly. Also I would like to mention that late Robin’s mother passed away recently, may they both rest in peace.

Many things have happened around the process of making this album. We dedicate the song called “Treasure” to Robin Hutagaol and family, and to everyone who has had the same experience. Let’s treasure the great moments and enjoy living while God still gives us time to do good things in life….

We will keep you updated.  May God guide Us All.

Love and Respect,
Roots Rockmat of Suaka


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