Rully Roots Rochmat reporting from Gigantour

By suakatribe on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

This must be my 2nd Gigantour i have seen so far. Along with my good buddies Gun, Kiki, Pram and Josh. What i say about the show is incredible. But to be honest i’m quiet upset because i could not be there on time.

Line for this Gigantour are Megadeth, In flames, Children of Bodom. Job for cowboys, high on fire what do i say about the legacy of thrash metal they seem to be dying on the late 90’s after grunge took over for while. But the movement does not stop there, if it was not for the modern thrash heros such as Meshuggah, In Flames who pave the way for american act Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, God Forbid e.t.c. Tonight’s show was really incredible, too bad i missed the opening act. Got right when In Flames started playing.

Well, experiencing In Flames lives is where the fun is. Jump around to energetic tracks such as Take This Live, My Sweet Shadow, from the latest album Sense of Purpose, leaving the fans pleased . Right after the show Kiki spotted Jesper whose talking to the fans at the bar then i just asked him to take picture with me.

Megadeth takes on the stage. They’ are really tight tonight playing tracks from United Abomination, old thrash anthem Wake Dead, Peace Sales, Holy War, Hangar 18, Mechanix etc. After Dave Mustaine parted ways with Dave Ellefson he’s the only original member left. In the past 2 years line up has been changing from the day one for this tour the formation is backed up by james Lomenzo (bass), Chris Broderick, Shawn Drover (drums) … Without a doubt the megadeth is gaining more younger fans…




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