Suaka Last Gig at Mean Fiddler

By suakatribe on Sunday, March 30th, 2008

First of all the gig was around midtown NYC which is the worst area to play a show :). Traffic was bad that night , people from all over come to see a Broadway Show that night, it makes the commute a bit tough. Anyway we are so happy to be part of Uzuhi (friend of ours) release party. To be honest it was good line up, most of band plays punk, garage rock and of course Suaka metal fusion stlye.

We had 3 weeks to prepare the show. The rehearsal went pretty well and for this show we need to change the set list we opened with vision of tommorow which was wake up call for the audience that night we bring down the tone by playing world on your shoulder , and finally i put down my guitar and switch to my custom percussion in order to play songs called Budaya and new song called awaiting which is more of the love songs we ended the the set with the rebel song Saksi Bisu and Elements from our first EP.

Most of new people impressed by how much stlye that we bring in our music, below some documentation. All done by John (thanks bro!).




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