The Rehearsal

By suakatribe on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Sunday was the first practice in the new studio – which could apparently be heard from several blocks away! Oops. At least it’s not really a residential neighborhood; here’s hoping that the people who DO live in the area like metal. The new space is actually bigger than Stonedeaf and the walls are still pretty bare except for a couple of pieces of soundproofing foam and the Suaka banner hanging triumphantly over the drum kit. Adding additional material to absorb sound should help matters immensely. The building itself is still under renovation, and we took advantage of the awesomely industrial setting to shoot some promo photos.

The new songs are really starting to come together. Now it’s time to focus and get ready for recording this fall. A couple of other interesting possibilities are on the horizon but nothing is confirmed yet, so check back soon for updates.



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