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By suakatribe on Sunday, October 4th, 2009

The members of Suaka send their condolences to all those affected by the devastating earthquakes in Padang, Sumatra.

I can’t believe summer is over. QQ and Rully are in Indonesia, getting some much-needed rest and relaxation and collaborating with guest artists including Ras Muhamad and Vlad Vamp to put the finishing touches on UNIFY. The video for “The World Is On Your Shoulder” from EPISODE ONE is still shown on tv there, and the new album is already generating positive buzz.

Those of you who have heard the advance tracks know that this album keeps the signature Suaka sound while displaying a wider range of influences and musical styles than EPISODE ONE. Rully and Gun trade off on intense guitar leads, QQ’s bass sounds better than ever, and Daisuke holds the whole thing together with solid drum work. The production is especially choice this time around, and the cover art looks great. I think this this is going to be a very exciting release!

Check back soon for more news, including New York shows planned for later this fall. Thanks as always for your support.

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