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By suakatribe on Friday, June 13th, 2008

Summer is here again.

We have been working with our new drummer Daisuke. So far is working out good. Just letting new ideas flow.

However, due to increasing rent, Stonedeaf’s bosses Gun & Kiki decided to find a new studio. They found it somewhere in Bushwick Brooklyn. The building is used to be beer brewery factory that somehow the owner turned the place into a rehearsal space. According to the owner, soon he will build a venue which great for all the Brooklyn music community.

Meanwhile Kiki and Gun is building a new recording studio hopefully will be ready by September. Suaka is currently practicing  in underground studio Astoria Queens (shared by Goro & Uzuhi). The upcoming event is June 21. Suaka will be playing in Lyceum Brooklyn New York ( thanx to Gun for getting the gig).

Details will follow soon. Cheers.

Almost forget, this is the eight stringer i always talking about. See you at the gigs.


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