What’s up guys?! It’s time to get inspired again

By suakatribe on Thursday, November 13th, 2008

We’ve been playing the songs from Episode One since 2006 – what a trip. It felt good to be out there and play, especially after going through changes in the lineup. Thankfully my good friends Gun & Kiki are still behind the band.

And, last but not least, new drummer Daisuke has been keeping the beat.

We have been jamming since August, and we finally started the pre-production for the new album in October. The vibe is pretty good, especially because this year so many good bands came around on tour including Meshuggah, In Flames, Opeth, Death Angel, and Testament among others. Two of the greatest and most inspirational bands were The Police, whom I saw in August, and Bad Brains, who just played November 6. They have surely influenced us when it comes to writing songs. I also got to see Slank in New York – best of luck to them with the rest of their US tour.

Back to Suaka’s new songs… I have a new Bugera 333XL all-valve amp head that I am very excited about and that should bring some new tone to the recording sessions. We are going to play new tunes at the show on November 30. Hope to see you guys there and at more shows to come!


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